Paddle Boarding - An Activity For Everybody!

It has been 24 months since i have first spotted someone sitting on a lengthy thick surfboard around the intercostal of Florida, leisurely paddling away with no care on the planet.

Today, I believe many people who live near any lake have either seen someone or heard something relating to this exciting new sport. It is the newest and fastest growing water sport on the planet known as "Fully stand up Paddle Boarding". Its also called paddle surfing or SUP short for "Fully Stand Up Paddling"

Studies have proven that this sort of activity dates back centuries in French Polynesia where indigenous tribes were seen sitting on useless SUP Rental. Through the early 1950's, beach boys in Hawaii were seen by vacationers vacationing around the islands sitting on their surfboards holding lengthy wooden paddles. Today "Fully Stand Up Paddling" boards are lighter, wider, faster and are available in bigger types of color ad design.

Presently, this sport is booming all around the world. Races, occasions and competitions are now being locked in several countries including Germany, Italia, France, The country, Canada and Australia. An average joe who might not have ever competed inside a sport before, are competing in SUP races worldwide.

Christina Boeri, a separate paddle boarding enthusiast and good friend just came back from her 1 week Hawaiian trip and stated "Its everywhere, everyone does it, every vehicle has a minumum of one board strapped to the roof."

With Fully Stand Up Paddle boarding, the options are endless, if you wish to ride waves it's a blast, if you wish to explore and paddle beautiful flat-water ponds that is another great adventure. I have observed people fishing on their own boards, going lower wild rapid rivers and also paddle surf the wake behind motorboats for lengthy distances with no rope.

A few of the challenges beginners face when choosing their first board, is exactly what brand to purchase, how big, shape, design and color. The options are vast. New models and types are now being brought to the marketplace continuously. You should select a board that's large enough to provide you with stability according to your height and weight. Another consideration will be the type of paddling you want to do.

Ridding waves and lengthy distance speed paddling require completely various kinds of boards. Many people are purchasing what we should call an "all a rounder" board witch includes a typical length from a 10'6 to 11.'6. They're roughly 29 inches wide and four to five inches thick.

Many board companies carry this group of paddleboard which enables the consumer to trap waves as well as paddle flat water. Boards will cost you about $1000 to $2000 with respect to the expected use. Paddles start at approximately $150 to $400 to find the best quality Carbon Fibre paddles.

The advantages of this latest sport go way past the fun factor. The health advantages are perfect and the other bonus is it works your abdominal area providing you with an affective core workout. Paddleboard purchase in america will explode with that basis alone!